Avoid Bill Shock

If you have ever used what is so-called “international data roaming” while you were oversee, you must have experienced the “Bill Shock” that is meant to be an unexpectedly huge amount of bill for a bit of Internet access. Sometimes you are not even aware of when or how you used it. Who wants to see the bill after a fun journey?

bill-shockHere is the best solution to avoid such an unnecessary payment. Use our the WiFi Service instead of using ‘international data roaming’ Check out domestic telecom rates for the “international data roaming”

If your data usage is with the range of 100MB – 200MB/day, it ensures high-speed and smooth operation and suits the Fair Usage Policy.

Keep Your Laptop and Phone Safe


Using public wireless networks

Public WiFi ‘hotspots’ in places like cafés, airports, hotels and libraries are convenient but unlike your home computer you don’t know what security these networks have or who else may be connected.

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Cyber criminals target travelers

A recent warning from the FBI about hackers targeting guests’ data when they log into hotel Wi-Fi overseas was a salient reminder to travelers of the risks to data security on the road.

The alert, from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, was addressed to U.S. executives, government workers and academics but did not specify a particular country of threat. It warned of a spate of incidents of travelers encountering bogus software update pop-ups when they used hotel internet connections overseas. When they clicked on the “update,” malicious software was installed on their computer.

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WIFI Security

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Dangers of Free WiFi

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Standard Australian Telecoms’ Rates

If you are in the stage of your trip planning, remember those rates and make a best decision to choose a mobile wifi router.

Vodafone $10/MB Telstra $15/MB Optus $20/MB The WiFi Service
Email with attachment
1MB/mail $10/mail $15/mail $20/mail Only $169/week
Web Browsing
5MB/hour $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour
Voice Calling by Skype
20MB/hour $200/hour $300/hour $400/hour
Video Calling by Skype
75MB/hour $750/hour $1125/hour $1500/hour
Streaming Music
60MB/hour $600/hour $900/hour $1,200/hour
Watching Youtube
260MB/hour $2,600/hour $3,900/hour $5,200/hour